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The 2 of us that day ’72

Steadfast she looks to the sky

Sguarda di paura antica nelli suoi occhi


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Serra 1972

She sat there blind and wailing –

helpless waiting for warmth from

dead wood cold brazier.

The paupers played among the ruins.

All had left her – no fire, no food 

and they played…. indifferent in the rain muddied yard.

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Vibo 1972

Sul il piu alto pinnacolo, sotto lo sguardo fisso

dell castello il suo vecchio braccio ci abbracia in protezione..

Siamo liberati di quella confusione li sotto.

Un millione di luce fiancheggono la spiaggia e

rabbrividono nella aria di notte fredda

Il suo respiro riscalda la mia faccia e suo coure il mio seno


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Morning is coming ’72

The edges race to meet the wheels

the grass is left panting at their heels.

Trees and posts and fences too –

all are racing to meet their due.

Forks and curves tauten nerves,

Dips and bends make eyes to the road the gazes lend.

The dust  pollute the nostrils, eyes tire and grow coarse as tonsils 

too become hoarse.

Supple backs to bends tend and head grows weary with the trend.

Dust blinds – as trees laugh behind.

Fences bow, minds tire as gears deride the beauty of this ruggedness.

Blind eyes race for time in dark infinity of truth

her body out there – laughs at us and the coach on her belly,

shakes in fear.

Shadows haunt and fume to cover dunes.

Now horses trot and graze, stand aloof,astride.

While sun’s golden haze, melts their cold hides

and smelling life, they  move 

lean and brisk,vital and lank.

Parrots in two glide and climb, silent wings flap

above and behind.

Breasts of red – colour and blind.


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Hawker South Australia ’72

Haze and mists of rose and blue. Oh God what beautiful hues !

Pale old gold silhouette.

Trees nipple the barrenness of smooth moulded breasts

hand imprints ridge the nakedness

impregnated shreds of cotton cloud and gold and pink imbibe.

Feline forms lie naked in the night 

when doves to love forsook their flight.

This ! Ever so hideous rapes her flesh !

It routes and scars her, scours and mars ….


See the silent silhouetted flight 

sweet and sacred is this night 

whence love imbues and caresses thee

waves of ecstasy flow in fluent folds

through sensual shapes of fluid forms 

Whence oneness is moulded – sameness is felt

pain in pleasure torn from one to other.

Vital venue entwined and exquisitely en-sphered

en-souled, en-slaved in sacred sculpture 

of Life’s longing for Love.

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Claire ’72

Graceful delineations – slender trees stand back a gasp at this 

ferocious monstrosity.

Eating time and white road-line

whilst others stand indifferent allowing earth’s rape.

Fields of fallow, brown and mallow.

Green to naked eye, defiant gold to sun.

Old deformed of age –  and young vital age of one.

Dykes and terraces scar the land,

Hills try to break away and rise above 

But Life holds claim and shrouds with slender arms.

Might dulled by strength and gentility.

Brilliant Pines sing praising – praying.

And God thus pleased bestows His grace –

upon the scene.

Rays of Love gold and brilliance, melt in a mist

– sprinkle on life, green alive and beauty proud.

Stones kamikaze against this alien invader.

Dying and dead only sparse and remnant gladiators betray your defeat – transient.

Yours the scars severe

yours the pain –  an agony, backs broken, limbs shot and torn.

Tyre marks on leached soil – roads on aeons of toil.

Starved not slender arms now protrude – break into volatile air, beg for life 

brittle and dying.

But again and again the endless defiance – the continual trial.

Earth bears fruit and remnant gladiators give hardy youths to gentlewomen.

Beauty and strength forever last,

eternal faith, eternal battle.

Nature wains and withers – but survives –  through,  fissures unnoticed.

Always and forever the similar story – fairytale and nightmare obstruction

but in the end the triumph.

Even tame nature joins it’s savage brothers against invasion.

Rays of sunshine clump and litter roadsides.

Red in tears as we go by – a melancholy sobbing – 

Why ?



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Bus to The Flinders ’72

Thee are of this earth and to dust thee shall return – when in death thee shall have rebirth


Rich and rugged love worn and dying

arms reaching to the sun, heads bent in reverence

bowed in shame – hearts full of Life in scant interior.

Lines of soldiers defend the ranks and men of trenches lie in wait.

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On the banks of The Torrens South Australia

Fantasy fair cheeky little elfin –

willy wagtail runs pitter- patter down the turf

Seagulls take to the wind

Cool breeze ripples the flesh as it does the surf.

Birds race across the surface, making fanfare of foam in the shining sun

Seagulls scream while other birds scheme

Echoes of aeons rustle and rind

Blares and rattles disturb the mind.

Bellows reverberate in background

Willy wagtail ” chichis” while others cry down.

Seagulls screech and scull 

Ducks ducat and lull

On water they shadow it’s shallows – slap themselves

and preen with pride.

The flock unfolds and pierces the sky,

falling back scatter and fall 

Grey silver sheen reflects the green

of trees and their brown trunks.

The cool-cold breeze chases the chestnut and golden- green leaves.

Furled ochre-gold sheaves carpet the banks.

Mates seam and tear the surface tension.

Sunlight filters and spills through spaces in-between

sighs and heaves without retention.

A ridge of softly textured cumulus cloud curtains and covers.

A graceful gull stealthily, and delicate denotes his field for flight and hovers.

Weeping women shed their sorrows – while stout soldiers stand for all tomorrows.

Rafts of ripples float downstream – while icy cold fingers tickle and seam.

Whistle and laugh – work and be spoil but

Nature will  remain forever  true amongst horrors




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To Peter

Isn’t it a pity I can’t remember your face. So sad – and you my would-be lover, who have you seduced this time ?

Only two virgins to your name. Who was it that took my place tonight ?

Ah impatience or excuse – if you had waited I would have been yours.

One night’s love to compensate for lost affection. You liked my body, you liked my soul. I would have been yours, 

I would have en flamed you, only you didn’t believe or refused to – for who  had you to meet that night ?

You really had me nearly – if only you had not refused me,

and even then I wanted you for the denial spurred me on.

Fate would not have it so t’was not to be.

If ever we meet again – I will be ripe  – full of woman as then I was of youth and I will enthral your sensual pleasures

and make you whole. Only when I do – and  if, I do, do not deny  me yet again.

You will have no need for artificial beginnings –  to dull your taste and excite your senses – I  alone shall do that.

And when we have finished – do not be petty, as they who think themselves great men ( having lain with many ).

But be great by being humble – and think we were, not of love’s spur which moved us to our limits ;

But of Love’s Soul – it’s essence which made us whole



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Night Journey

How beautiful is the night soft it’s gentle land motion – the moon’s hazy glow bluish silver

All imbued in deep and darkest yet clean soft hazes –  shadows and fallow rippling earth rises in the calm fury

Quiet soldiers protect in rank while others caution, contemplate the living earth bathed in it’s breath – rolling on without end.

Proud mountains sleep, cool night air soothing their tense yet beheld bodies.

Serenity reigns and yet majesty in gentility.

Alien man’s stand apart and scar – but nothing affects the night land with it’s magic glow.

Tired soldiers sleep by the roadside, while majestic peaks look to the moon in humble meditation – their beings ascended bathe them in soft tender light.

Oppressed ominous nebulae

great expanse – potential thunder – stands poised yet heavy over the barren land

where intermittent life stands alone from all other and the few and far between stars.

A reflection in the window of the man four seats away, women talk.

Suppressed violence only known in the swaying motion.

Telegraph poles fly past engrave the sky.

Trees all look towards us – eruption tearing through the night.

Lights sway gently with their image and hand reaches out and stifles it.

Only the empty shadows of the dark remain inside rattles and voices speak – sandy.

Blue lights soft illuminate the night only now and then the carriage bathed in

passing light.

Green fields made grey by the light uphold life clustered,clothed dense yet intermittent

Roads cut and kill the earth Red lights outline the town


So secure – protected, hemmed in from the outside cold a separate entity – one with man deriving warmth

one from the other.

Security – not wanting to be lost his hand gentle yet of a man

smooth and his body senses wary – that like a child I would run to his arms

and let him clasp me tight.

It is not to be and as my eyes begin to falter – by the light of the moon I surrender to his mind.

My body one cold frisson as I allow myself involvement in his emotion

And the train slowly rumbles into the station 

Each light as under a microscope intensifies – as light universe of amoebic motion

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