Pen Names – Introduction as it were

It seems somewhat arrogant to use your own name and yet the anonymity of a pen name – though affording privacy is a denial of one’s heritage. Thus I would not use a pen name. If anything I would possibly change my name to suit my vibrations – ie a name suitable to my way of living and thought. Having already done that ( with the name Pam ) I’ve come to realize the numerological significance of a birth name is what shapes your destiny. It is a pre ordained vibration in time. Deviating from that, one changes their pattern of living or fate as it were. So as not to complicate matters further I would choose a name relevant to my style of living eg Pam – but keep my surname, affirming my roots or heritage as it were and therefore acknowledging my place in this world.( I do believe the name Pam to be an invention )

If I were ever to use a pen name it would be not so much a convenience but analogous ( ie similar in function but not in origin or structure ) to living a new way of life therefore thought pattern. For example as in different country / time / species of text – science fiction say. Not as an escape from my commitment to what has been written, but because of my new way of thinking – reflected in what has been written

Complicated ? Not at all – just open to change as one should be in life.


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