To a cowboy Jan 2 1978

Would it hurt your sensitivity –

if I asked how best to love you ?

For I could love you a million simple ways so sincere.

But would I leave you empty

thinking that, that was all there was to me  ?

I could love you dearly but would it be good enough

to reach the height that you maintain a standard ?

For I am simple and simply do I love you –

no complications of intrigue nor pain of possession.

Would you still remain on your level and I on mine –

two separate entities as separate as levels of apartments

with no stairway in between.

Flowing feelings as fleeing waters from the fountain-head

Soul’s emotions burst through cold walls

of the stone dam You did chip and finally broke.

Spare hearts thrown together 

understanding storms of all weathers

Escapism from love’s reality to the shadows of strife into walls of resistance.

Only to break through with height of mind

Forgetting only for the circumstance the pain

that was now swallowed in the glory of rebirth.

And yet still there the secret fear –

dissemination from the quintessence of vulnerability – love.

Spare hearts blown together as though on the wind called Fate –

where comprehension replaces extremes of love and hate

when two from planets so diverse conjoin

the odd pieces of jigsaw compatible

within the ultimate puzzle

and naive care in its’ quintessence

overrides muzzled circumstances restraint

No fires of passion,

extremes of love nor abyss of hate.

Just warmth of tenderness and peace.

No demands nor want,

no question why or how.

Just a cradling hug –

firm gentility, reassuring security.

No delusions of permanence,

the instantaneous smile

devilish spontaneity

or frowns smoothed away with naive idiocy –

fears forgotten for the moment.

Remembering forever

the introduction to intimacy

and fluidity of intellect with the soul.

Remembering even beyond

mental infirmity –

the flowing of quiet fires inspiring the soul

and cooling breezes refreshing the heart.

Alive again to the spontaneous passion

subdued to the seeming lack of rapport

devouring my subtlety and the lost moment –

the awakening of my soul’s inaction.

As lightening of fusing wires

powerful in it’s spontaneity of fire.

Throwing each the other to the sky

Just as hard the essence of the affinity of the night.

And suddenly I came, within the indignity of the instant

And my eyes saw even through the dark of night

 my soul once blinded, now with your erratic spirit – constant.

And I pained with the emotions and my heart to

the subdued currents hummed

wishing to soothe and to explain

yet ecstatic with the diffusion into one.

And dancing with your mind my soul

to the heavens flew and danced amidst

the myriad gardens of happiness to come.



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