Your dad

At 35 he was an energetic, 5 foot 10 inch nugget of a German. Chain smoking to calm his riveting thoughts, which were always ricocheting from moment to moment and from cause to effect.

Auburn hair framed a rugged face, with eyes that read your soul. Solid arms, expressing points of speech – with impact lost to the caller on the other end of the phone ; swung around to hurl him out of his chair. He needed information to give to his client and it wasn’t on his desk !

Irate he bellowed for help.

With the entrance of the new temp, his temper and impatient authority all collapsed under her spell. Reason forgotten, voice left on hold, he gawked at her; like an infatuated schoolboy in awe of his teacher, soft with warm femininity.

Amy was beautiful, vivacious and organised ready with papers, that his hand grasped without knowing. She spoke with a curt intelligence, his sequence outlined. But all had melted away – the office, the phone, the cars in the street – all lost in a meld.

For she was a lone light that shone like a surreal angel alive – He had fallen in love !


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