Claire ’72

Graceful delineations – slender trees stand back a gasp at this 

ferocious monstrosity.

Eating time and white road-line

whilst others stand indifferent allowing earth’s rape.

Fields of fallow, brown and mallow.

Green to naked eye, defiant gold to sun.

Old deformed of age –  and young vital age of one.

Dykes and terraces scar the land,

Hills try to break away and rise above 

But Life holds claim and shrouds with slender arms.

Might dulled by strength and gentility.

Brilliant Pines sing praising – praying.

And God thus pleased bestows His grace –

upon the scene.

Rays of Love gold and brilliance, melt in a mist

– sprinkle on life, green alive and beauty proud.

Stones kamikaze against this alien invader.

Dying and dead only sparse and remnant gladiators betray your defeat – transient.

Yours the scars severe

yours the pain –  an agony, backs broken, limbs shot and torn.

Tyre marks on leached soil – roads on aeons of toil.

Starved not slender arms now protrude – break into volatile air, beg for life 

brittle and dying.

But again and again the endless defiance – the continual trial.

Earth bears fruit and remnant gladiators give hardy youths to gentlewomen.

Beauty and strength forever last,

eternal faith, eternal battle.

Nature wains and withers – but survives –  through,  fissures unnoticed.

Always and forever the similar story – fairytale and nightmare obstruction

but in the end the triumph.

Even tame nature joins it’s savage brothers against invasion.

Rays of sunshine clump and litter roadsides.

Red in tears as we go by – a melancholy sobbing – 

Why ?




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