Hawker South Australia ’72

Haze and mists of rose and blue. Oh God what beautiful hues !

Pale old gold silhouette.

Trees nipple the barrenness of smooth moulded breasts

hand imprints ridge the nakedness

impregnated shreds of cotton cloud and gold and pink imbibe.

Feline forms lie naked in the night 

when doves to love forsook their flight.

This ! Ever so hideous rapes her flesh !

It routes and scars her, scours and mars ….


See the silent silhouetted flight 

sweet and sacred is this night 

whence love imbues and caresses thee

waves of ecstasy flow in fluent folds

through sensual shapes of fluid forms 

Whence oneness is moulded – sameness is felt

pain in pleasure torn from one to other.

Vital venue entwined and exquisitely en-sphered

en-souled, en-slaved in sacred sculpture 

of Life’s longing for Love.


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