Night Journey

How beautiful is the night soft it’s gentle land motion – the moon’s hazy glow bluish silver

All imbued in deep and darkest yet clean soft hazes –  shadows and fallow rippling earth rises in the calm fury

Quiet soldiers protect in rank while others caution, contemplate the living earth bathed in it’s breath – rolling on without end.

Proud mountains sleep, cool night air soothing their tense yet beheld bodies.

Serenity reigns and yet majesty in gentility.

Alien man’s stand apart and scar – but nothing affects the night land with it’s magic glow.

Tired soldiers sleep by the roadside, while majestic peaks look to the moon in humble meditation – their beings ascended bathe them in soft tender light.

Oppressed ominous nebulae

great expanse – potential thunder – stands poised yet heavy over the barren land

where intermittent life stands alone from all other and the few and far between stars.

A reflection in the window of the man four seats away, women talk.

Suppressed violence only known in the swaying motion.

Telegraph poles fly past engrave the sky.

Trees all look towards us – eruption tearing through the night.

Lights sway gently with their image and hand reaches out and stifles it.

Only the empty shadows of the dark remain inside rattles and voices speak – sandy.

Blue lights soft illuminate the night only now and then the carriage bathed in

passing light.

Green fields made grey by the light uphold life clustered,clothed dense yet intermittent

Roads cut and kill the earth Red lights outline the town


So secure – protected, hemmed in from the outside cold a separate entity – one with man deriving warmth

one from the other.

Security – not wanting to be lost his hand gentle yet of a man

smooth and his body senses wary – that like a child I would run to his arms

and let him clasp me tight.

It is not to be and as my eyes begin to falter – by the light of the moon I surrender to his mind.

My body one cold frisson as I allow myself involvement in his emotion

And the train slowly rumbles into the station 

Each light as under a microscope intensifies – as light universe of amoebic motion


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