To Peter

Isn’t it a pity I can’t remember your face. So sad – and you my would-be lover, who have you seduced this time ?

Only two virgins to your name. Who was it that took my place tonight ?

Ah impatience or excuse – if you had waited I would have been yours.

One night’s love to compensate for lost affection. You liked my body, you liked my soul. I would have been yours, 

I would have en flamed you, only you didn’t believe or refused to – for who  had you to meet that night ?

You really had me nearly – if only you had not refused me,

and even then I wanted you for the denial spurred me on.

Fate would not have it so t’was not to be.

If ever we meet again – I will be ripe  – full of woman as then I was of youth and I will enthral your sensual pleasures

and make you whole. Only when I do – and  if, I do, do not deny  me yet again.

You will have no need for artificial beginnings –  to dull your taste and excite your senses – I  alone shall do that.

And when we have finished – do not be petty, as they who think themselves great men ( having lain with many ).

But be great by being humble – and think we were, not of love’s spur which moved us to our limits ;

But of Love’s Soul – it’s essence which made us whole




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