When I’ve run out of errant distractions
I remember and want to forget
Wishing your inflicted actions and the naive child had never met.
Would it be possible to return to hopeful innocence ?
Pondering the higher road possible – before your drunken depravity ?
You were kinfolk after all
How could you wreak havoc upon my soul ?
And when too soon you died –
My anguish felt the guilt of heavy anger not consoled.
My tears were deep and true – but more for me than you.



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2 responses to “Sometimes

  1. hi i just wanna say your poetry is very inspiring. Nearly got me to start crying

    • I do thank you for your thoughts. It took me over 50 years to let it go and finally forgive. After all is said and done I am the survivor and stronger for it. But thank you for being there for me – have been doing this for when one day I am no longer here and my daughter will know my story.

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