Dedicated to you Sogno di Liberta

And I loved – or began to with a passion brutal

and he gave as I 

We were not a couple and cheap as others-

but one in the spirit same.

He took and returned as I did – whole.

We met for a tear drop in Eternity’s lament

children of the Revolution

and we’ll part and go each our way

but in the back roads of my mind he’ll stay.

We’ll move – lover to lover but for each the other will 

remain unique

Wild wonder, youth’s strength, child’s weakness-

all my dreams of a freeman like me.

Nor do I possess – for freely we gave one to the other

Truths in a world of falsities – 

to be separated by hypocrites.

But though his conscience is not mine it is,

and over the clouds of perfumed dead our waves will meet,

thoughts entwine and bodies weep.

I made no demands he was free – I made no promises – I was free.

To be together …… No it cannot be. 


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