Annie’s husband

With muscles taut under pressure, his virility glistened through his sweat in the sun. Features square as though hewn from stone, the wharfie laboured as a man possessed. His blond cropped hair adding severity to a face firm in determination. An enigma to all whom knew his university degree should have accorded prestige – not this, this toil for those tyrannised by ignorance.

This man had a chance to escape to great heights – why succumb to this anonymity without argument ?

When his wife drove into the docks after work, she sounded the BMW’s horn, blasting his senses.

As he slid into the seat, she pained in silence at his contempt.

As a teacher himself – he had been brilliant. He had fought to change the system but failed. Resigning in disgust – he had lived his beliefs but he still could not forgive her. She knew her failings – she did not have the courage of conviction as did he.

Thus she remained, despite herself. She loved him she knew but could not abandon a job – no matter how corrupt the conditions.

And so he had acquiesced, to the defeat he had left behind and the woman he no longer loved as before, but whom cared for his son.


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