Just pretend

As I sit at my uncle’s desk – he asleep with the radio on.

Water gurgles in continued drip.

My aunt now cleans adorned in apron –

while my cousin now sleeps, her beau the soccer results does tip.

The sun does shine – but its rays refract,

like my spirit once  free  but now bound by self in apprehensive pact.

An errant  breeze carries aromas of  Italian life

and a faraway fear begins to dawn – he may see me and I’ll be in strife.

Cool caresses thrill my being and words cannot paint a melting sunset.

Black pronged fences hold it back – tall blocks of plastered paint,

conglomerates of colours and  disorganised order well met.

Combed land full of white – the green now quaint.

Misty beginnings,clouded pictures,straits of ripples

Hands mould the abdomen and she bows her head.

Tension cold contracts her nipples.

Stomach bellows in mires of vomit, brain smells a fatigue that she dreads.

Senses lose their control, and as her eyes close all sounds intensify.

The smell of heat clouds the adenoids and she thinks how slowly she dies.

Her book back at home, her current dependence –

head throbbing stealthily, thinking of  past freedoms a dilemma of credence.

Where she never belonged – to which jigsaw now lost, her place non existent.

A feeling of freedom – but with the fantasy gone oppression too real, a clouded vision is leant.

And as I heard my name called fear leapt into my heart –

for as I turned from  the window  – a familiar sound preceded his form as a dart.







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