With a genteel nature, unless aroused to defence this lady may be weary with age, but loving eyes sparkling in Topaz blue, follow her daughter – accepting the teasing of youth. 

Petite and so proper she speaks softly in reply when questioned, holding forth as queen of her realm.

The dignity of her years is disturbed only by the wheezing of bad health and thus a need for her medication. 

Early mornings after breakfast she soaks up the sunshine in a walk for fresh air and then naps after cleaning up. 

Tea is a quiet affair – unless there are visitors to keep her on the run; not retiring to bed – until the rest of us do. 

Then she curls up in bed under lamplight, perched over the paper. Mind you – if I awaken through the night and sneak downstairs for a snack or drink, there she’ll be following behind, chiding me till my return ! 

A protective influence we would be lost without her, our very own, Djarawong Sugar floss Candy, Siamese seal point baby – my child’s guardian and my best friend.

I now  know you have found peace in another realm 


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