Always on the lookout for visitors to my unit, is the self confessed ” Mrs Jessop ” of Callaghan St. Jenni casually cruised into my life when she introduced herself as the neighbour whom lived in the first unit. Taking over with genuine warmth she was a born comedian who could always see the lighter side of life.  With a flair for bargains and things unusual and a nose for information, she was always matching up goods with people. Like the curtains she found at $ 2.00 a drop for my naked windows one day. 

At 5 foot 10 and with an expansive frame this jovial giant of a woman still vibrates energy wherever she goes. Lacking willpower, my offers of only one mint chocolate per coffee would see her hesitate with etiquette. She did later confess, at home she never kept biscuits – ”  because one biscuit would always lead to another ” and thus the entire packet’s demise.

With such a fluctuating attention span, I’ve realized her need for variety, people and movement, so I  forgave her for not visiting as often as she once did.

Though teary sentimental over the ideals of love and old films; an innate fear of being tied down still sees her alone bar for her child – though lovers still try to restrict her.

Unfortunately tactless at times, enjoying a gossip for it’s sake alone, she has come to grief with neighbours. But then, Jen’s a survivor, the orphanage saw to that. So when I’m ready to scowl at her laughter being too loud, I look beyond the moment and realize the pain of an unfiltered life.


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