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And again

For all the years – the losses and gains

the hurts, tears, sadness  and inflicted pains.

Let it be , though in flesh you release your fire,

that in my madness you find your desire.

For all the joys, pleasures and satisfied sensuality.

 For struggles won with lessons in futility

– Let it be that though you would wish to be free,

you would return , now and again – to my bosom and tranquillity



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Lover Alcoholic

Let there be pain if it is to be, madness  meantime

Let me keep faith in the pleasure sublime.

Let me see truth – for I know it is there.

Let me be blind to my torment – for his heart is not aware.

Let me suffer and thus be enlightened, to return  only but goodness –

for he merits such kindness.

Do not let me hurt him  – for I would want his  pain  to abate.

Do not let me smother him  – for I would wish to emancipate.

Do not let me enrage him – for I would want only to appease.

Do not let me embitter him – for I would rekindle his trust in release.

Do not let me lose the purity in my anguish –

for above all;

I would want to be the essence of love and thus the retreat his soul, so  tortured does wish.





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Loving you broke my youth

in my naivety – understanding, like light poured through

In my pain my soul burst with desire,

words which heaved in locked spaces – now free

for my faith in you raged like a fire.

sadness in my stupidity is strewn –

like weeds amongst the fields half sown.

You gave me birth into the powers that be.

You gave me vision where once I could not see

and my whole in you I now  pledge to combine

even when apart forever entwined



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