Return to the Flats

The ebb the flow – still forward we go.

The wheels turn over, the carriage rolls forth,

bodies now sway one way and t’other.

Papers scrunch over and breaths now smother.

The air now dense – with electricity does hum,

Men retreat to their books now numb.

Sunlight now dapples through windows – long dusty.

Cough rattles, as lass toys with her mobile – now musty.

Subdued conversations – behind and beyond.

The old couple, now quiet yet fond.

A sea of trees – soft and deep green,

recede to bridges, old without sheen.

A vibration the body now swerves forward apace

As the  announcement, the persons  do raise.

A  stop, an exit-  two whistles, doors close.

Tracks screech as the wheels squeal forth – and the train again a  threat does pose.

Forward we go – back to the start, home and alone, safe in my heart.






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